Family company

Established in 1991 a specialized trading and service company, fully devoted to underwater cleaning technologies that include:


Cleaning of swimming pools and other underwater surfaces – automatic and manual cleaners


Transfer of water and other mediums with our pump programs


For the territory of the former Yugoslavia we represent many, mostly Western European brands. We also have business relations that allow us to sell products from other manufacturers and brands. As part of business program we provide sales, regular servicing, repairs and rental options. We export to the countries of former Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Italy, the Mediterranean and the United Arab Emirates. With our work we strive to provide our partners with a fast and high-quality solution to the problem of cleaning and pumping various liquid media.


Mariner 3S develops, produces and distributes cleaning robots for professional pool cleaning - for indoor, outdoor and natural swimming pools. Thus, the company provides its customers with a vital contribution to ensure that pools are reliably cleaned and thus maintain long term attractiveness. The Swiss family company, founded in 1945, since 1970 it is one of the first companies to develop and sell automatic pool cleaners. Thanks to constant search for improvements, close cooperation with clients as well as specialized suppliers to use high quality materials, well- trained employees create exceptional high-tech products.


Industrial company since 1919. Today WEDA specializes in water purification solutions with automatic and semi- automatic robots. Cleaners are developed in cooperation with end users in the pool industry, water treatment , seweage and other industries around the world. WEDA is a Swedish privately owned corporation with its production facility in Sweden and operates worldwide through a network of subsidiaries and distributors. WEDA underwater cleaning robots meant to remove sediment from the floors of basins/pools are individually separated in two sectors: First is the manufacturing and sales of pool cleaners to commercial swimming pool facilities with high demands on performance and reliability. Second is designing cleaners for the industrial sector and developing underwater equipment , for cleaning tanks and reservoirs in industries such as nuclear power plants, glassware, steel works, pulp and paper installations, infiltration basins etc. Solutions are also offered for drinking water and other water/sewage treatment plants. With the inovative technology that they offer in all above sectors, allows to clean the basins without disturbing the operation of the plants. Emptying the pools remains only a memory.






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