About company

Family Bussines

For the territory of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo, we represent, sell, rent and offer official services for:

  • MARINER 3S AG, Switzerland – Exclusive Agent since 2014
  • WEDA AB, Sweden – Exclusive agent since 1992
  • MAYTRONICS DOPLHIN, Israel – Official Representative since 2019
  • LANDUSTRIE SNEEK BV (formerly ROBOT PUMP), Netherlands – Exclusive agent since 1991

Established in 1991. We are a specialized trading and service company that deals with sediment removal solutions with high-tech underwater robots to clean underwater surfaces. Our solutions provide complete cleanliness and robotic cleaning for both small and private pool complexes and for bio basins. We also offer high-tech solutions for industrial cooling pools, overflow pools, drinking water reservoirs, waste water, fish farms, etc. Where it is necessary to remove the sediment, there you find us!


Exceptional swimming pool cleaners manufacturers: Dolphin, Mariner 3S and Weda.


Robust and durable WEDA PUMP and Robot pumps.


Rental of professional submersible pumps and robots for swimming pools.