The company was founded in 1982 when they bought the first patent from an inventor who got the name DOLPHIN. Probably the largest company specialized in the production of underwater robots in the world, employs as many as 250-400 people, depending on the need. The company is a stock company that is marketed on stock exchanges, but 65% ownership is still in the hands of Kibbutz Yizrel’el. They develop smaller and larger underwater robots, affordable for everyone. They care for the continuous development, so every 4 years a new series of models comes out. They follow trends and enable some robots to control the use of Android and IOS applications. The company also focuses on other segments, namely the development of safety devices to alert unauthorized entry to private and public pools.
Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners efficiently and thoroughly clean pools of all shapes. Usage is simple, efficiency, reliability and durability; they are excellent compared to other robotic cleaners for private pools. With the regular use of Dolphin robots, we ensure extremely good cleaning, reduced chemicals and always clean and healthy water in the pool.

Models in the classic series already include brushes for smooth surfaces and climbing the wall. Cleaners are only suitable for automatic operation. They are suitable for swimming pools up to 8 m longest.

Dolphin e20

The Dolphin E20 is the robot of your dreams on an affordable budget. This lightweight, small robot is ideal for all types of small pools, including above-ground pools, cleans pool floor and walls.



The basic and reliable robotic cleaner. With maximum investment you can enjoy total pool floor cleaning including the difficult to reach angles where the floor meets the walls.



Dolphin S200 is a smart solution for thorough cleaning of any pool, in any conditions. It learns the best way to navigate, intelligently adapting to the pool shape and obstacles for maximum performance and efficiency.