MARINER 3S AG, Switzerland

A Swiss family-owned company owned by the Sommer family, founded in 1945. From the very beginning, the company maintains a production facility in Switzerland. It specializes in the development and sale of high quality professional cleaning agents for swimming pools – for indoor, outdoor and natural swimming pools. The company provides its customers with a vital contribution to ensure that baths and swimming pools are reliably cleaned and thus maintain attractiveness in the long term. The first automatic robot was developed in 1970, which was extraordinary and innovative at the time. With continuous development of their solutions, they remain on the world’s top as the leading manufacturer of robotic underwater cleaners. MARINER 3S represents the highest quality of automatic robots for pool cleaning. Extremely technologically advanced, robust and easy to use. From the choice of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, nothing is left to coincidence or pricing, so cleaners are made of high quality durable stainless steel, ASA plastic, NBR rubber, to its own design and production of printed circuits. All robots are still handmade, as manufactured at the time of foundation. With their properties exceed all expectations, it is no surprise that all their robots also have a protected swiss sign “SWISS QUALITY”. All Mariner cleaners have always worked with exceptional precision, and every year they are more complete. With the latest cleaner Navigator 3, developed in 2018, which is lightweight, precise and robust – with no problem cleaning pools up to 70 m longest site with less than 1 mm deviation to full length – have reached 100% precision. The fact is that in automatic programs, cleaning always covers 20% of the cleaners width! The company is present in all markets of the world, and most of all in Europe, Russia, USA, expressly enters the markets of Asia.


They make the mariner 3S clubliner unbeatable in cost efficiency. Developed for pools up to 25 meters long, it cleans all pool floors as well as paddling pools to a water depth as little as 20 cm with unmatched thoroughness.

proliner & proliner plus

Many bathers worldwide enjoy the wide range of leisure time offered by large swimming pools and thermal baths. These are larger than swimming pools with tracks up to 25 meters in length and smaller than Olympic parks or adventure parks.

navi iii - proliner

Mariner 3S has further developed the latest generation of high-performance cleaning robots: Proliner navi3 is excellently suited to large pools of over 25 metres in length.