In these days the importance of saving water is steadily increasing. Traditional cleaning of all types of reservoirs has required draining with staff inside the reservoirs. This is no longer accepted on many of the world markets due to the safety risks for the staff. Plus the unnecessary waste of water

The alternative with divers is becoming less popular due to higher costs as well as the safety issue. Few consumers enjoy the thought of divers in their drinking water.

Weda underwater cleaners makes it possible to clean reservoirs of all kinds and totally avoid human entry. Besides this a lot of water is saved. In many cases processed water.


The Weda VR-50 is in many aspects a smaller version of the VR-600. It is specifically designed for smaller reservoirs and reservoirs where access with our larger cleaner is limited due to smaller man holes, limited space between pillars inside the reservoir etc. The Weda VR-50 is remote controlled and equipped with a fixed mounted camera and lights. The pumping is achieved by a 1.3kW submersible drainage pump with a capacity of up to 600 l/m.


  • VR50 Cleaning unit with fixed camera and lights
  • 10 meter power cable
  • 40 m Umbilical floating cable
  • Power control box
  • Handbox remote control
Robot cleaning operation during water basin operation Yes
Application area Water treatment plants, enclosed reservoirs up to 1000 m²
Dimension, L x W x H 600 x 440 x 400
Minimum dimensions of manhole 800 x 630 x 420 mm
Weight in air Approx. 35 kg
Weight in water 30 kg
Suction width 400 mm
Max suction capacity 600 l/m varies due to discharge distance
Depth of operation 10 m
Maximum cleaning speed adjustable, maximum 0,3 m/s
Max temparature 40 °C
Power 230 VAC, 50/60Hz
Motor power rating 1,3kW, 3.000 rpm, Class F
Max noise 70dB
Magnetic clutches 24 VDC, 0.6 A
Brush motor Separate motor, adjustable turning speed
Number of person required to operate the equipment 1
Training period to learn how to use the equipment 3 days
Service Manual Yes
Quality Assurance Manual Yes

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