Traditional cleaning processes meant that water towers and drinking-water reservoirs had to be emptied and manually cleaned or divers sent down. In both options, the reservoir has to be taken offline, which can lead to major disruptions in the main supply system. Emptying a reservoir is time consuming and cleaning is labor intensive. Sending divers down in drinking water also entails a risk for contaminating the water. When we developed the VR-600 our ambition was to design a vehicle that could clean effectively without having to shut down the reservoir and without sending personnel down into the reservoir.


The VR-600 is remote controlled and equipped with rotating brushes and a powerful pump that directly pumps out all loosened sediment – without raising turbidity in the reservoir. The VR-600 is equipped with a video camera that facilitates inspection of the inside of the reservoir. The entire cleaning process is documented and the customer receives both a videotape and a written report.


  • VR-600 Cleaning unit with Pan/tilt, camera and lights
  • 20 meter umbilical jumper cable
  • 2x40m Umbilical floating cable (length as required)
  • Power control box
  • Hand box
Robot cleaning operation during normal water basin operation Zes
Dimensions L x W x H 735 x 595 x 400 mm
Weight in air 82 kg
Weight in water 67 kg
Suction width 600mm
Max suction capacity 1200 I/min varies due to discharge distance
Max Head 10 m
Max depth of operation 25 m
Maximum cleaning speed Adjustable, max speed approx.0,4 m/s
Max water temperature 40°C
Pump motor 230/400/480 VAC, 3-phase, 3000 rpm,  50/60 Hz
Pump Motor Power rating Class F insulation 2,3kW
Drive Motor Power rating 230/400/480 VAC, 3- phase, 750 rpm, 50/60 Hz, 0,2kW
Brush motor Separate motor, adjustable turning speed
Max noise level 70dB
Magnetic couplings 42 VDC, 0,6 A
Sealing classification IP 68, 25 m
Track type sand track
Cable reel for floating cable and discharge hose Yes
Extension of floating cable total max 4 x 40 m
Discharge hose 3” standard or food grade Yes
Special floats Yes
 Proizvedeno v skladu z 89/392/EEC  and EN60-335-1   plus EN60-204 za ostale dele Manufactured in accordance with 89/392/EEC and EN60-335-1 plus EN60-204 for remaining parts
Number of person required to operate the equipment 1
Training period to learn how to use the equipment 1-2 days
Service Manual Yes
Quality Assurance Manual Yes

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