YT-600 is a remote controlled vehicle for sediment (sludge) removal in all sorts of reservoirs. The powerful on-board submersible pump and wide nozzle allows forefficient cleaning of large bottom surfaces.

The sediment is pumped through a hose to a seleceted discharge point or to a filter.

The sediment is pumped through a hose to a seleceted discharge point or to a filter.
Traditional cleaning afer draining and then removal of the sediment requires the reservoir to be taken out of operation, which creates disturbances and may result in cracks and other problems in the reservoirs bottom and wall structure. By using the YT-600 the reservoir may stay in operation during cleaning. The YT600 is used today in several different industrial applications, from mines and desalination works to cooling towers in the processing – and other industries.


YT-600 can be equipped with cameras and lamps in order to facilitate operation from a van or a control room. To use YT-600 decreases the cleaning costs and does not disturb the distribution. YT-600 has only electrical engines and uses no dangerous oils or chemicals that may damage the reservoir. YT-600 is delivered in the standard version with a 1.5 kilowatt pump and a 630 mm broad nozzle with a built-in fixed assembled brushes.

Standard equipment

  • YT600 cleaning unit, video camera fixed with LED lights
  • Umbilical floating cable lenght 40 m
  • Suction Nozzle fixed
  • Wired remote control
Application areas Reservoirs with larger solids and heavy sedimentation up to 1250 m² with maximum cable
Robot cleaning operation during normal plant/filter/basin operation Yes
Dimension, L x W x H 950x630x900 mm
Weight in air Approx. 90kg
Minimum manhole size L*W/Diameter 1000×700/1000 mm
Maximum cleaning speed (fixed) 0.3m/s
Cleaning width 630 mm
Maximum sludge layer thickeness ~100mm
Maximum particle size handled 40mm
Maximum pumping capacity 45m3/h varies due to discharge distance
Maximum head 18 m
Power consumption 480V 3 phases 60Hz, 2.5 kw
hose/pipe diameter 75 mm
Pump and nozzle Pump and nozzle can easily be dismantled at site for easy handling and change for other pump/nozzle configuration possible
Extension of floating cable No
Cable reel for floating cable and discharge hose Yes
Discharge hose 3” standard or food grade Yes
Special floats Yes
Camera and lights Yes
Manufactured in accordance with 89/392/EEC and EN60-335-1 plus EN60-204 for remaining parts
Maximum area cleaning speed 200 m2/h (Average)
Number of person required to operate the equipment 1
Training period to learn how to use the equipment 1 day
Video recording possible Yes
Brush type Stainless steel, special design
Coating Yellow epoxy
Track type sand track
Pump type submersible sewage pump
Delivered on Trolley Yes
Service Manual
Quality Assurance Manual

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