Mariner 3S has further developed the latest generation of high-performance cleaning robots:
Proliner navi3 is excellently suited to large pools of over 25 metres in length.
Proliner navi3 combines high suction power, high cleaning efficiency, a large filter capacity, intelligent
automatics and a high comfort and ease of operation. As with all Mariner 3S cleaning robots the tried
and tested puromat filter cartridge cleaning device as well as helpful accessories and services complete
the package.

Hygiene, long durability and reliability are important values for swimming supervisors and decision makers. These criteria are fulfilled with the daily use of Mariner 3S cleaning robots, which also helps the staff.


• Sophisticated hydraulics, optimised with the cooperation of ETH Zurich. The result: a strong vacuum, a perfect cleaning trace, no billowing of dirt around the device
• Vacuums and filters large impurities such as stones as well as the finest, invisible particles
• The water flows through the pump after the filtering, and thus protects it from damage
• Reliably climbs slopes of up to 28 °


• Robust and high-performance driving motors from the aeronautics and air transport industry in brushless technology
• High-performing pump of our own making • High-quality plastic for a longer useful life


• The devices are tested at third-party sites for the observance of the EU norms
• The device technology and realisation are state-of-the-art
• Personal security low voltage < 30 V DC


•  6 lamella filter cartridges with the largest total filter surface availa-
ble on the market discharge the stationary filter system

•  Filters out large and fine impurities
•  The filter material is simple to clean and very hygienic, as proven
through investigations by the “Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
Institut für Chemie und Bioanalytik” (North-Western Switzerland
Institute of Chemistry and Bioanalysis)
•  Long-lasting thanks to its durable design, well-suited to daily use

filter BOX

• Simple removal and replacement.
• Hygienic use: the dirt is taken to the place of disposal.
• Large dirt collection capacity and simple cleaning.


•  Precise navigation through immediate
reaction to driving orders.
•  3 driving speeds for slow and fast

Teža transportnega vozička z omrežnim kablom 21 kg
Teža robota 16 kg
Dimenzija robota 400 x 440 x 300 mm
Napajalna napetost 100-240 V AC
Frekvenca 50/60 Hz
Poraba toka 4 A
Nominalna moč 0,4 kW
Delovna napetost 26 V DC
Tok 14 A
Priključna moč 0,35 kW
Tip zaščite IP 68
Razred zaščite III
Sesalna širina 430 mm
Minimalna globina vode 200 mm
Kapaciteta črpalke 500 l/min
Sposobnost plezanja Nagibi do 30 °
Filtri    2 lamelna filtra  50/100/130 my
Dolžina napajalnega kabla 10 m
Dolžina plavajočega kabla 25/30 m
Potovalna hitrost 0,2 m/sec
Najvišja temperatura vode 40 °C
Delovno okolje

Sladka voda, slana voda, termalna voda, kopališča s standardnimi sistemi čiščenja ali biološkim čiščenjem

 Vzorci samodejnih programov clubliner plus: H, N, X-program, clubliner: X-program 
Nastavitev začetnega časa za samodejen način Takojšnji pričetek ali zamik pričetka delovanja
Preklapljanje v samodejnem načinu
  • stik z zidom
  • brez zidu, nastavitev razdalje
  • na nagibih
  • z nagibi  (samo clubliner plus)
  • na plaži (samo clubliner plus)
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